What is recruitment?

Recruitment is a period of time where you can come learn more about Alpha Omega Epsilon and become interested in our organization. We host a variety of events to show our professional and social sides to everyone interested and to demonstrate who we are below the surface. It is a time where you can learn more about the organization and the sisters of Alpha Omega Epsilon with no obligations to join.

Does it cost anything to go through recruitment?

No, all recruitment events are free!

What are Alpha Omega Epsilon’s objectives?

Alpha Omega Epsilon promotes professionalism, leadership, and friendship between all of its members. We strive to advocate for women in engineering and technical science.

What are the requirements to join?

In order to join Alpha Omega Epsilon, you will need a minimum 2.5 GPA, have at least 12 college credits, and be in one of our approved majors:

  •         Astronomy/Planetary Science (BS)
  •         Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies (BS) – Meteorology and Atmosphere/Ocean options
  •         Biochemistry (BS)
  •         Biology (BS)
  •         Biomedical Engineering (BE)
  •         Chemistry (BS)
  •         Chemical and Molecular Engineering (BE)
  •         Civil Engineering – Transportation Engineering Option (BE)
  •         Civil Engineering – Geotechnical Engineering Option (BE)
  •         Civil Engineering – Environmental Engineering Option (BE)
  •         Civil Engineering – Structural Engineering Option (BE)
  •         Computer Engineering (BE)
  •         Computer Science (BS)
  •         Electrical Engineering (BE)
  •         Engineering Chemistry (BS)
  •         Engineering Science (BE)
  •         Geology (BS)
  •         Marine Sciences (BS)
  •         Mechanical Engineering (BE)
  •         Pharmacology (BS)
  •         Physics – Honors (BS)
  •         Physics (BS)

How can I stay updated with recruitment for this semester?

Please contact our recruitment week chair Gabriella Eng at gabriella.eng@stonybrook.edu. We will have an interest form that you can fill out shortly. We would love to meet you and get to know you!