Why Join AOE?

College is a busy place to be – especially when you’re just one of 24,000 undergraduates. The Beta Theta chapter makes your world a little bit smaller, fills it up with lots of great relationships, and prepares you for academic and professional success.

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As a sister of AOE, you become a part of a group of women who want to do well in classes and build relationships that will last far beyond these four years. We make sure that we take time to focus on classes, eat a lot of wings at BWW, and help out the community with our philanthropic events.

Our sisters take away a lot from AOE, especially in these four categories:

Professional Development

  • Sisters always can get constant career advice from older sisters, alum, and the faculty we have strong relationships with
  • Our alumnae network is growing and expanding every year, which means we have a large network of connections for jobs and internships
  • Sisters work with our professional committee to enhance their resumes and learn some tips for networking, interviewing, and more

Academic Development 

  • Sisters are a constant source of support from other women who share and understand your concerns, fears, and problems in similar classes
  • Going through a tough class? Chances are someone else has too. Part of sisterhood is getting that extra tutoring from upperclassmen.
  • Sisters who study together, succeed together. Study hours are held every week.
  • AOE has sisters involved in RHA, NSBE, The Statesman and many more organizations. This could be a stepping stone to other activities and groups on campus.
  • We’re all engineers in different majors and with different ages and experiences – we’ve got a lot of advice on classes, teachers, and career choices.
  • You can the join the AΩE Mentor Program! Link up with an alum from around the country who has real work experience in the field you want to go into.

Personal Development

  • Develop your leadership skills by joining one of our committees, becoming a chair, and hosting events
  • AOE is a team effort: polish up your people skills by working with a group to reach a common goal
  • Gain more self-confidence – we’ll push you to speak publicly, interview strongly, and develop your strongest traits.

Relationship Development 

  • Develop ties of friendship that will last a lifetime – ties of sisterhood keep us together.
  • Become a part of a support group to help yourself and others get through stressful times in college
  • Have a group of friends that become your family away from home

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